Thursday, 31 January 2013


We suggest ideal foods for various days of the week.

Apart from it being a weekly off for many individuals, this is often conjointly the simplest day to tuck into completely different styles of foods together with plants, meat and fruits as all of it radiate the Sun's vibrance.

Since it is the day of the Moon, that signifies the part of water, it is sensible to consume things that have a high water content like watermelon, cucumbers and pumpkins.

Mars is that the planet that rules at the moment and it radiates heat. attempt mangoes, dates and pineapples on Tuesday.

This day belongs to Mercury, that may be a twin planet. thus you'll be able to consume every kind of food on at the moment.

The day belongs to Jupiter. Consume food that area unit orange or yellow in color like oranges, lemons and bananas.

This day belongs to Mercury, that may be a twin planet. thus you'll be able to consume every kind of food on at the moment.


On the day of Saturn you'll be able to gorge on junk and oily food because the planet rules oil.

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Now that you simply have reached your weight loss goal, we tend to square measure certain you would not need to slide down the slipper slope of weight gain once more.

The real task of managing your weight lies ahead. So, what is going to be your arrange of action? the foremost important purpose to notice here is that you simply got to create your weight loss a permanent one. For doing thus, today, Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Saggu, Sr advisor Laparoscopic, Gastro & fatness sawbones at Fortis Jessa Ram Hospital, New Delhi, offers United States of America his insights on the highest five secrets for maintaining a gentle weight.

Get exercise in surprising ways in which. to take care of the best weight, for men and girls, one has to move in their whole day. Ideally, it's counseled to burn a minimum of 2000 calories per day for men & 1600 calories for ladies.

There square measure many ways in which to burn your calories. for instance, if men and girls wash their cars, AN activity that takes a minimum of half-hour, it simply burns close to three hundred calories. Similarly, rather than victimisation elevators/lift, if they use stairs, they're going to burn upto one hundred calories, and so on.

Don't attempt to be excellent. Maintaining weight or losing weight shouldn't be a brief period target. It ought to be AN on-going activity, that has to be achieved slowly and in a very steady manner. It ought to be pursued with the intent to find out, instead of the angle that declares it as learned or excellent.

Keep effervescent drinks treed the maximum amount as you'll be able to. Surely, soft drinks and alternative effervescent drinks ought to get on check. If you're on your thanks to being a match person and need to measure your life healthier, then keep one's hands off from effervescent drinks the maximum amount as you'll be able to. Instead, choose home-made fruit drink, recent fruit crush or prepare your own iced tea. Carbonated, aerated drinks merely elevate the symptoms of diseases like polygenic disease, arthritis, liver injury, heart ailments and even cancer to some extent.

Eat at correct intervals. If one needs to take care of his/her lost weight or intends to melt off, then the foremost vital purpose to stay in mind is to own food at correct regular intervals. Skipping any meal of the day, won't facilitate one to melt off, rather it creates issues. it's counseled to own vi to seven meals in a very day however of little parts. The count is of calories, i.e. what quantity you consume in a very day. the little portion of meal helps you digest food quicker. And to not forget, eat a lightweight dinner a minimum of a handful of hours before sleeping to avoid acidity and alternative dyspepsia problems that obliquely have an effect on weight management.

Do not forget your strength coaching routine. Not solely will strength coaching provide men and girls a match and toned body, however it additionally helps the joints and muscles work a lot of expeditiously against injuries. It makes joints and bones a lot of versatile and robust, and will increase stamina. it's ideally prompt that one ought to want strength coaching for a minimum of 3 times per week. Strength train all components of your body by targeting totally different body muscles on a everyday.



Everyone is aware of amla or the Indian gooseberry, it's utilized in a spread of product like sweets, jams, powder, pickles, whereas some merely wish to pluck and eat them.

But ar the health edges of amla overrated? in conjunction with Dr. Jaishree Bhattacharjee, Ayurvedic advisor with Satvikshop, we tend to explore this widespread Indian fruit.

Amla is thought as a decent supply of antioxidant, however is that all? What ar the opposite health edges of the Indian gooseberry? Dr. Jaishree provides United States of America a close list, "Amla has countless edges. it's a brilliant food of written material attributable to its inhibitor property. it's helpful effects on most the systems and organs of body." She explains:

-It controls glucose in polygenic disease

-Lowers sterol level

-It may be a natural opposed ageing agent for skin; nourishes scalp and hair roots and encourages hair growth

-It improves digestion and alleviates constipation

-It improves blood circulation

-It ensures correct functioning of liver.

-It may be a sturdy immunomodulator and protects from the onset of the many diseases if taken frequently

-Amla may be a smart medication because it raises haemoglobin level

She conjointly goes on to list out alternative sources of antioxidant, "There ar several smart sources of antioxidant beside amla:

-All foliose vegetables like palak, bathua etc.

-All reasonably peppers have countless vit-c

-Fruits like mangoes, pine apple, oranges, kiwi, strawberry, berries, papaya,

-Vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, red cabbage, etc

-Herbs like basil, mint, coriander, rosemary"

You can get these health edges by as well as amla and therefore the alternative antioxidant wealthy foods in your diet. On the opposite hand, if contemporary manufacture may be a drawback, you'll invest in some organic amla product.


Everything we have a tendency to do imply stress and constant running around. within the middle of all this chaos, yoga could be a good way to attach along with your inner self and keep healthy at a similar time.

Through its deep respiratory, stretching, conscious exercise, yoga is additionally a good technique to stay most stress-related diseases trapped. In fact, notwithstanding what your life-style, you may learn a issue or 2 from this ancient exercise kind that edges your mind and body, both. Here's viewing why yoga is supposed for individuals of all shapes and sizes...yes, even you!

Yoga helps combat stress. The National Center for Complementary and medicine found that yoga contains a positive impact on numerous types of medical specialty disorders. Their findings counsel that yoga would possibly facilitate patients in fighting with the symptoms of medical specialty disorders like acute headache, psychological depression then on. revealed within the journal of psychoneurotic medication, this study disclosed that girls, even beginners, UN agency observe yoga could boost happy hormones by decreasing stress levels.

Yoga helps respiratory disease patients. per a probe study given at the 56th Annual Meeting of the yankee school of medicine (ACSM) in point of entry, adults UN agency suffered from {asthma|asthma attack|bronchial respiratory disease|respiratory disease|respiratory illness|respiratory disorder} practiced "increased quality of life and reduced asthma symptoms when ten weeks of yoga practice".

Yoga helps in battling weight loss in time of life. whereas on the one hand yoga helps increase strenght and adaptability, it additionally helps with weight loss after you reach time of life, per a study conducted by researchers at the Fred settler Cancer analysis Centre in point of entry. Researchers studied that individuals UN agency ar overweight in their time of life and UN agency practiced yoga daily for over a decade lost extensive quantity of weight.

Yoga even helps cancer patients fight fatigue. Cancer survivors UN agency observe yoga ar ready to sleep higher and fight fatigue a lot of expeditiously, per a recent study. Yoga helps cut back stress levels and boosts the system. so yoga forms like hath yoga ar progressively counseled to all or any cancer survivors, combined with restorative respiratory exercises to assist improve their sleep patterns.

Tips for beginning Yoga. we have a tendency to suggest a couple of things to stay in mind: select a mode that suits your body type: Yoga categories and asanas could disagree for individuals with completely different body varieties. Some could solely target meditation and deep respiratory, whereas others would possibly target rigorous and strenuous yoga moves. You and your physique ar unique: perceive this: Yoga isn't solely regarding flexibility. do not attempt to idealise pictures and postures as given in shiny health magazines. Those ar those who have earned this sort of flexibility when years of observe and fitness routine. Go at your own pace.
Maintain your own pace: there's no have to be compelled to rush into any quite attitude or yoga create early on. Use straps, blocks or alternative tools to fit your wants and necessities. raise your yoga teacher for facilitate and ensure you are taking adequate rest and correct precautions. hear your body: do not force yourself into any of the attitude. attempt to scan your body signals and stop after you suppose you cannot take it any longer.
The right manner of incorporating yoga in your daily physical exertion routine. betting on what your wants ar, you'll select a yoga routine that works for you otherwise you might participate in an exceedingly host of physical exertion activities at a time. the simplest thanks to set about overall fitness are to try and do weight coaching for strength, circuits/rope jumping/sprinting/kickboxing for cardio fitness and Yoga for flexibility.


It's tough to mention no to a delicious, piping hot corn on the cob seasoned with spices during this monsoon weather. But lately, it looks that several individuals square measure additional reluctant than wanting to take a bite.

This is as a result of the newest health buzz that uptake corn can cause you to fat. As a matter of truth, these days many folks have compound ways that with corn altogether as a result of the concern of weight gain. Today, we have a tendency to take a glance at this quandary and assist you answer the question: can uptake corn build Pine Tree State fat?
Tender corn has concerning 1/3rd the calories of dry corn. At one hundred twenty five calories per one hundred g, it contains concerning five g of macromolecule and negligible quantity of fat.

Bangalore-based Registered specialiser and health authority, Sheela Krishnaswamy answers the highest five FAQs on corn for us:
Corn is choked with natural sugars and carbs; will this build it unhealthy? Corn isn't the least bit unhealthy. Since it's wealthy in carbs, it is a nice supply of energy. High in nutrients, corn is very wealthy in B complex, nutrition B5 and ascorbic acid, that helps in fighting diseases and generating new cells. High in fibre, corn conjointly helps in lowering steroid alcohol levels within the body by reducing the degree of glucose in diabetics too. a full grain product, it may be simply enclosed during a healthy diet.
If raw and contemporary corn is healthy, then why is popcorn unhealthy? Popcorn isn't unhealthy either. it is a nice filler between meals, as long as it's unbuttered and contains less salt. The buttered and salt-cured popcorn ought to be restricted as a result of the fat and Na content in it. Also, since popcorn is generally consumed whereas looking tv or a picture, there is a bigger likelihood of uptake massive quantities of popcorn as a result of one is additional engrossed within the film instead of the number of popcorn consumed. Excess intake of fat and Na has its consequences on health, as we have a tendency to all grasp.
Will uptake corn chips build Pine Tree State fat? affirmative, if the chips square measure cooked and it's consumed in massive quantities and also the excess calories don't seem to be burnt off, they're bound to cause you to fat. Weight gain isn't concerning only one food, however associate degree energy balance.
Are cornflakes healthy? Cornflakes square measure terribly low in fat and contain principally starch. conjointly it's consumed together with milk, that brings during a balance of carbohydrates and macromolecule.
Regular consumption of corn, in moderate quantities, has been related to higher vas health. however true is that the statement? Corn by itself cannot shield the center. But yes, it's nearly as good as the other grain like rice, wheat, ragi, jowar, etc.

Corn may be utilized in many ways - as a breakfast cereal, as a snack (boiled corn / corn cup / popcorn), as a part of a dish or soup, as associate degree ingredient during a baked dish, etc. At the chance of sounding unoriginal, weight loss or gain isn't concerning one single food. It's a few healthy fashion.

Bottom-Line. Add corn to your meals and snacks to receive its health edges. simply watch the quantity you eat and apply portion management once uptake corn and it'll not cause you to fat!



                Just once you've got finally managed to induce your weight in restraint, boom comes the vacation season. we will not blame you for a li'l indulgence. we'll tell you ways in which to induce eliminate the surplus weight. All you've got to possess is focus and discipline. Happy operating Out!

The few weeks full of vacation feeding and no work-out regime become a dire threat to your increasing region. upbeat knowledgeable Namita religious belief says, "Most folks realize it terribly tough to induce into their strict exercise and diet right when the vacations. however it's crucial to encourage yourself to exercise to induce into form."

The hardest half regarding exercise is obtaining started. So, create your fitness programme fail-proof with this easy DIY guide.

Go easy
It is necessary to start out with a routine that is simpler. Since obtaining back to strenuous figuring out is tough, beginning on an easier one can boost your confidence. begin progressing to the athletic facility four to 5 times per week and concentrate a lot of on cardio than weights.

Try and bring fun components to your work-out regime. embrace rope jumps or rain dance hoop in between your work-out to form it attention-grabbing. If you discover it boring to try to to a similar exercises daily, amendment your routine. Take a walk, cycle or choose a swim.

Stress buster
Stress plays a large role in gaining weight throughout the vacations. Excess stress hormones within the body encourage the storage of fat. realize one thing that you just get pleasure from doing. observe yoga or meditation. If you discover it tough to athletic facility for associate degree hour or forty five minutes at a stretch, create your resolution a lot of come-at-able by devoting regarding 0.5 associate degree hour daily.

Get enough sleep
Sleep may be a should. Sleep deprivation results in many secretion issues, one among them being weight gain. after you square measure tired, sad or disgruntled, you tend to eat a lot of and exercise less. consultants say that after you aren't well refreshed, you do not need to maneuver which basically results in fewer calories burnt.

Eat healthy
Foods that square measure loaded with carbohydrates square measure a serious supply of downside. Not solely will it play mayhem on your glucose level, however additionally produces hypoglycaemic agent that triggers weight gain in your body. Jain says, "Include fibre in your diet. Fibre fills you up and helps you reduce. smart selections square measure veggies, fruits, whole grain cereals, unpolished rice and whole grain bread."
Stay hydrous
Drink a minimum of eight glasses of water daily. additionally consume high water content fruits like watermelon, oranges, pineapples, tomatoes and cucumber that facilitate within the reduction of weight.